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Crew Chief Pro and Pro Junior

Crew Chief Pro and Pro Junior

Crew Chief PRO software has been the choice of Sportsman Champions for over 20 years

A new version, Crew Chief Pro Jr., has been designed specifically for Junior Dragster Racing. It does the same prediction and analysis that the Sportsman version of Crew Chief Pro does but is tailored for Junior Dragster Racers.

Crew Chief Pro Jr. can:
  • Track, analyze and calculate the performance of your engine in unlimited weather conditions
  • Predict ET from comparable weather conditions
Run Completion Screen

  • Run Completion: Determines no braking ET
  • Finish Line Manager: Calculates relative distance of your opponent at every timing interval
  • "Opponent Analysis": Improve your Top End Driving skills
  • Unlimited databases allow you to isolate data from different car combinations and race track anomalies
  • Each database can have its own set of prediction factors & ET formulas
  • ET Predictions are based on weight - A Crew Chief PRO Jr. exclusive feature
  • Electronic Log Book: Logs timeslip and weather data & calculates splits
  • Powerful Report Capability: Graph 30 different parameters
  • Crew Chief PRO Weather Analysis
  • Weather Graphing. Can be used with any downloadable weather station
  • Integrates with popular paging weather stations & data recorders
  • Search runs to see similar runs
  • Prints your track's tech cards
Run Completion Screen

Crew Chief PRO has been the choice of Sportsman Champions for over 20 years. McGee Cams has been using Crew Chief Pro for our junior dragsters and junior comp dragsters for years, and it has been a very valuable part of our race team's success.

McGee Cams helped develop Crew Chief Pro Junior and can assist you in getting the most from this powerful program.

McGee Cams is an authorized distributor of both the popular Crew Chief Pro and Crew Chief Pro Junior software.
Call Chris McGee at 661-250-9050 for more information & pricing.

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