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Lots of new profiles for 2006!!! Our engineering team has created some exciting new profiles for the 2006-racing season. We have listened to the requests of leading engine builders and crew chiefs when assembling our 2006 lineup of cams. Our list for 2006 includes several new profiles to compliment our legendary industry favorites.

Baby Honker Cast Billet Cam
A big winner in the 12.90 class. Use with #3010 lifters and #3040 springs. This cam works great with stock valves, bore and stroke. It has a 239-degree duration and a .290" lift.
Part # 20000Baby Honker Cast Billet Cam$50.00  

Lil' Honker Cast Billet Cam
By far the easiest cam with which to build horsepower for those getting started. It responds well to mild porting and works well with a sleeved exhaust or stock bore and stroke.
Part # 20001Lil' Honker Cast Billet Cam$75.00

Honker Series Heat Treated Steel Billet Cam with Adjustable Gear
The first cam into the sevens! Available in all the popular grinds on the standard length blanks. For use in standard (non moved) cam engines.
Part # 20xxxHonker BZ style Steel Billet Cams with Adjustable Timing Gear$145.00


Honker VIII Heat Treated Steel Billet Camshaft
Double heat treat, for moved cam blocks, Unbreakable thicker core, extra long blank. Available with all the latest & legendary profiles.

unbreakable camgear set

Part # 30xxxHonker VIII Heat Treated Steel Billet Camshaft (less gear)$125.00

Moved-cam gear setsCall

McGee Cams Valvetrain


Part # 3010Billet Lifters Extra Long (pair)$22.50
Part # 3015Special Billet Lifters - To Suit Honker VI (Pair)$27.50
Part # 3020Pro Lifters 5/16 Flat (Pair)$34.95
Part # 3018Pro Lifters 5/16 Radius (Pair)$39.95
Part # 3040Dual Valve Springs$22.50
Part # 3060High Lift Single Spring kit for big blocks$39.95
Part # 3100-3340Stainless Racing Valves: 1.000, 1.125, 1.160, 1.250$16.50
Part # 3375-3500Stainless Racing Valves: 1.375, 1.440, 1.500$18.00

Titanium ValvesCall

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